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Modernise and digitise your entire practice processes and procedures including consultation flows

  • People matter – Build amazing distributed teams

    In House |Remote worker | Outsource – virtual staff

    We are one of the few that have the technology, know-how and resource teams that can take costs out of your business by building hybrid business service teams with permanent and virtual team members. Reduce costs, increase staff availability, provide training, improve efficiency – we are passionate about building amazing connected teams that provide outstanding customer service.

Business intelligent flexible resource team members

You will gain a lasting competitive edge by using our team members that can work in house or virtually for you, confidentiality is assured. . Contact us today to enquire about our team members including live chat agents, digital marketing , finance office and technology support staff.


Equip your staff to work virtually whilst minimising security and data protection risks


Virtual Consultations


Are your practitioners ready ? Worried about how you will deliver existing services or new planned services. And if you have the necessary equipment , staff and practice setup post covid-19 in the new online teleworking model that we have to embrace?

We will help you to implement your new business model especially for your practitioners so that they can continue to excel in what they do best so they don’t need to worry about all the back office administration. Your clinicians are all qualified, registered and well respected. You need to get that message online to future customers out there that would have started the Journey of discovery with whatever ailments or concerns they may have a long time ago . I know this from personal experience, because I have spoken to plastic surgery patients who told me when I asked her the simple question why did she want to go ahead with a rhinoplasty procedure, a nose operation? She told me that she was not happy with her nose since she was a child. Consult without having to deal with long lines of heavy traffic. Practitioners can charge for their online session by the minutes and take payment upfront. Become digital practitioners that are qualified, fully registered and respected and are trusted by the public

70% of customers are doing their research online and then choosing a practice to help them. Become digital practitioners and start consulting from anywhere in a professional manner with the right technology and tools, it will be one of the most important decisions that you will make to grow your business. Introduce online quality crystal clear HD secure practitioner HIPAA-compliant consultations with team members if needed and increase your billing and productivity.

Customers can submit registration forms,consent forms, medical history, reason for the consult prior to the appointment and make secure payment as agreed.

    • Take digital notes , share history and photos with customer and update appointment details and build seamless interfaces to key practice database systems

    • Improve decision making with online lab results, referrals, digital prescriptions, inhouse forms, product orders ,specialist reports and contracts at your fingertips and much more

Holborne works with you to make it an enjoyable experience searching, contacting and booking an appointment with you. Goodbye waiting on the phone or queuing up. Each and every step with two way messaging and confirmation to the customers mobile with CSAT monitoring and discreet confidential testimonials.

Start today by booking your free one hour business services strategy health check,  find out and put us to the test  just let us know your preferred date and time by completing the form below

And if you are happy with our select team that have a lifetime experience in business services then we will stay the course to help you to profitably grow your business  in the right direction and fulfil your hopes and vision for your business.

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