The Art of
Plastic Surgery

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to carry out any procedure is a very personal thing

Teresa Bernabeu

You not only need a surgeon who is skilled and experienced, but also one you feel

comfortable with.

Sometimes patients feel more comfortable discussing their needs with a woman. At Holborn

Healthcare, we have a highly-skilled and experienced female cosmetic surgeon.

Dr Bernabeu is a very experienced doctor with more than 20 years of experience in

cosmetic surgery.

Her experience in cosmetic surgery includes teaching facial rejuvenation at Complutense

University of Madrid, working as a professor of plastic surgery at Alicante University, and

working as a consultant plastic surgeon in the burns unit of Alicante Hospital. She also has

experience in head and neck reconstruction, micro-surgery and correcting congenital


Dr Bernabeu was recently honoured by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic

Surgeons when she was invited to be a speaker at its Annual Scientific Meeting. Only top

surgeons are asked to speak at this event and Dr Bernabeu’s inclusion demonstrates how

highly she is regarded.

Dr Bernabeu is a member of SECPRE (Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica, Reparadora

y Estética), a society of top cosmetic surgeons in Spain.

Teresa is a consultant plastic surgeon at Vithas Hospital in Alicante.

Call Holborn Healthcare on +44 741 400 2595 to book a consultation with Dr Bernabeu or

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Patients love her…

Dr Bernabeu is not only an experienced and skilled surgeon, she is also excellent when it
comes to putting our patients at their ease.
Patient Norma, explained how her tummy tuck experience was made easier by Dr
“I cannot thank my surgeon enough,” she says. “Teresa was so nice and kind, and the
aftercare was first class. All I had to do if I wanted her was to phone, but with such good
care I didn’t need to.”
Dr Bernabeu removed nine kilos of fat, leaving Norma thrilled with the result.
Another of our patients, Alison, had breast implant surgery with Dr Bernabeu.
Alison describes Dr Bernabeu as a “fantastic surgeon, professional and reassuring”, and
praises the way she explains everything so clearly. Plus, she adds: “My boobs look
amazing. My friends were shocked at how quickly I recovered and how natural my breasts
look. I am over the moon.”
And, it is not just the ladies who are impressed with Dr Teresa Bernabeu.

Another of our patients – who asked not to be named – told us how pleased he was with
surgery to remove man boobs.
He said: “Dr Teresa Bernabeu is a well-respected surgeon with a wealth of experience.
“I am delighted with the results of my surgery and would not hesitate to recommend l Dr

Tummy tuck patient story

This is her story…
I had part of my bowel removed and a hysterectomy and needed eight separate operations
between 1992 and 1996.
At first my weight dropped dramatically, but then steroids blew me up like a balloon and my
weight shot up massively.
I tried to lose the weight but every time I was getting close to recovering from one op, I
would be called back in for another and the process would start all over again.
Despite this I did eventually lose the four stone I had put on from the ops – but my tummy
still looked awful. I swam, walked, tried everything people suggested, but nothing made a
difference. I became disheartened and started to pile the pounds back on.
I hated my tummy so much I would not get undressed in front of my husband and became
really self-conscious about what I wore. I am quite tall and always used to stand up straight
and dress in nice fitted clothes. But feeling ashamed of my tummy I began wearing only
baggy body suits. It made me feel drab and depressed.
This went on for years but things finally came to a head last year when my son got married.
I really wanted to find something nice to wear to the wedding but I was terrified of even
trying anything on. My husband Pete was going crazy with me.
I wanted to at least lose weight before the wedding, but couldn’t. Afterwards I felt so upset
with myself. I did manage to diet and lose two stone, but I knew if I did not do something
about my tummy I would not be happy and I would have no motivation to keep the weight

That’s when I saw Teresa, the cosmetic surgeon.
She was great. She explained to me straight away that no amount of dieting would make
any difference to my tummy as the skin and muscles had been so stretched. She told me
the only solution was to have tummy tuck surgery; showed me lots of pictures and I knew I
wanted to go ahead immediately.
I was in the hospital in Alicante for two nights and the surgeon performed the surgery.
Afterwards, even with all the dressings on, I put my hands on my tummy and felt it was
gone – it was absolutely wonderful.
I cannot praise the Dr enough. She was excellent, so kind and caring and talked through
I am delighted with the results. But it is not just how it looks. Feeling happy with my tummy
again has given me back my confidence.
This really hit home on New Year’s Eve, three months after the surgery. I used to love
dancing before all my problems but for years if I went out I would sit in a corner, arms
crossed over my middle, trying not to be noticed. But this year on New Year’s Eve I hardly
sat down all night and danced practically non-stop. No more shrinking violet for me, I am
really confident again and it feels wonderful.

Tummy tuck – Mrs J is happy with her new, flat stomach
I have always been slim, but after the birth of my second child no amount of time spent at
the gym could get rid of my flabby belly. I was visiting my GP on an unrelated matter and
decided to mention to the doctor how unhappy I was with this area of flab around my
middle. The doctor suggested I see a plastic surgeon for an initial chat. How pleased I am
that I did! The surgeon was very sympathetic and understood my discomfort with my
appearance. She explained in detail what the surgery would entail and after I had all the
information I needed, I decided to go ahead. Immediately after surgery I could see the
difference and six weeks later it was even more noticeable. I will certainly be visiting the
beach this year feeling more confident.

Dr Teresa’s philosophy is to restore a youthful appearance and give you a natural yet
noticeable result
Previously, facelifts just stretched skin, which could lead to that wind-tunnel look. Now
muscle and fat are also repositioned to give younger, softer results.
The improvement in techniques has also led to a greater variety in the types of facelifts
available and much shorter recovery times.
Some facelifts can even be performed as day procedures using local anaesthetic. And, with
advances in minimal, keyhole surgery, you could be back at work in just a few days.

This is not quite a full facelift, it includes the neck, jowls and face but not the eyes. It is great
for tightening sagging faces. The cosmetic surgeon makes tiny incisions in the hairline
above the ear, and inside the mouth. Fat pads in the cheek are pulled up over the
cheekbone to lift and tighten the area. Healing time and scarring are less than with a full

Full facelift
A full facelift will address the whole face and gives the greatest lifting. An incision is made
along the hairline, from the temples to below the ears and back up, finishing at the lower
The surgeon then sculpts or redistributes fat from the face, jowls and neck and reposition
underlying tissue. Deeper muscles are also lifted before skin is repositioned over the new
facial contours

A Facelift is one of Dr Bernabeu’s most popular surgical procedures, and the results are
not only enjoyed by our patients but also by their friends and relations! Here are a few of our
many satisfied patients.
I had a facelift not to change my face but in order to look fresher and better. I am very
pleased with the results. My friend’s are saying I look great and nobody has asked if I had
work done.
A couple of my friends that I trusted to tell them that I was having the procedure, are totally
in awe with the results, and I know one of them will be contacting you when she returns to
Spain! – Thanks again for all your help!
Thank you for all the help you and the other staff gave me during my visits to your medical
I was always made to feel at ease, both by yourself and all the other members of the team.
The medical staff were totally professional, but also sympathetic and understanding to my
Each step of my treatment was explained to me, and I always received written confirmation
of where I was to go next, and what would happen. There was never a time when I did not
know my next step.
I would not hesitate to recommend any of my friends to contact you should they require any
medical intervention of any sort.
Thank you again.
Facelift – A facelift for her 60th birthday took years off Mrs S
Words cannot express how delighted I am with my surgery. As my 60th birthday
approached I had been considering having a facelift. My husband offered to pay for it as a
birthday present and made the necessary arrangements. I found the plastic surgeon
informative and reassuring at all times, and I was made to feel comfortable every step of the
way. The surgeon, nurses and anaesthetist were wonderful on the day of surgery and set
me completely at ease. I don’t look old and weary anymore, and this has given me great
happiness and confidence for future challenges! Thank you all so very much. I must add
that my husband is very pleased with his new, young-looking wife!

Breast enhancement – Ms D gained a better proportioned figure
First of all I want to say thanks to Teresa for the very professional treatment I received. I
have always felt that my breasts were out of proportion with the rest of my body, giving me
a rather pear shaped appearance, which I hated. I finally plucked up the courage and
sought advice from the plastic surgeon. He was very professional and patiently explained
the process to me. Three months later, I am extremely happy with the results and now feel I
am in proportion. The scars have healed very quickly and are now a pale pink. I feel more
confident and am happy now to show off my new cleavage.
Breast lift – Mrs H regained her body confidence with a breast lift
After a long and far from amicable divorce that left me broken and lacking in confidence I
decided to have a breast lift; something I had often thought about but never had the
courage to do. I met the team and Dr Teresa. She is a very professional surgeon and fills
you with confidence. I had my operation and I am a changed woman. I love my new look
and I couldn’t praise everyone highly enough. Everyone is helpful, attentive and nothing is
too much trouble.
Breast reduction – Mrs F had her breasts made smaller because of discomfort
I have had large breasts ever since I was a teenager. Although my friends were all jealous
at school, as I got older I became more and more uncomfortable. I hated that there were no
nice, pretty bras in my size. I always liked going to the gym, but felt embarrassed in the
public changing room and would hide behind a towel to change. And, I couldn’t exercise as
much as I wanted as it was too uncomfortable with such large breasts. After talking to the
plastic surgeon, I knew that breast reduction was what I wanted. I can honestly say I feel
like a new woman now. I can finally wear pretty bras and exercise as much as I like.

After years of pain and discomfort, Jane A had breast reduction surgery with Holborn
Healthcare surgeon
This is her story…
I was a size 40H and because of the weight of my breasts I had been having trouble with
my back for years.
The pain started when I was in my mid-20s. I am now 47 and had really had enough.
The weight pressing on my spine was giving me sciatica, I had shooting pains down my
legs, my fingers and feet were tingling and I was losing my grip. My neck was also affected
and it was becoming unbearable.
I was depressed and frustrated because of the pain. And the thought that it could only go on
getting worse was leaving me feeling desperate.
I tried to get a breast reduction on the NHS because of all the health problems I was
suffering, but was getting nowhere.
My mum knew I could not go on as I was so she started looking around for a private
surgeon for me. She heard about Medcare through a friend and so I came to see Dr Esbry.
He was really good and I felt confident with him immediately. He explained everything. And
he didn’t just tell me the good stuff, he also spelled out all the risks and worst case scenario.
I had the surgery in Alicante ten days ago and I feel so different. My back is already feeling
better and the constant ache between my shoulder blades has gone.
The procedure really wasn’t that painful. When I came round from the anaesthetic the pain
was no worse than before the milk came in after having a baby.
I am also very happy about the scarring. I was expecting a big scar but you can only see a
pencil line. I think when it is healed it will only look like a stretch mark.
I am really happy with my new shape and looking forward to doing all sorts of things I
couldn’t do before.

Liposuction – Before liposuction, Mrs B was self-conscious about her thighs
Even though I am not overweight, for as long as I can remember I’ve had areas of fat on my
upper thighs that made me look as though my hips had slipped down. I was really
self-conscious about it and did my best to dress to disguise this area. I tried all sorts of
exercise, but nothing seemed to make any difference. Dieting was no good either as I would
just lose weight from areas where I didn’t want to lose it, while my thighs stayed the same.
I’d often thought about liposuction, but it took me ages to actually pluck up the courage to
find out more. Now, I’m so glad I did. I won’t pretend the procedure was fun, but it really
wasn’t that bad. And I soon forgot the discomfort once my new, slim thighs were revealed.
My only regret is that I didn’t have it done sooner.
Eye lift – Mrs S took off years with an eye lift
On noticing my eyelids were becoming rather baggy and ageing prematurely I thought it
was time to consider an eye lift. My friend had already undergone a facelift through Holborn
Healthcare , which she was very pleased with and this gave me confidence to contact them
who referred me to their plastic surgeon Teresa. She explained everything to me in simple
terms and made me feel very comfortable about having surgery done. I decided to go
ahead and was absolutely delighted with the price, which was far less than I had expected. I
no longer have droopy eyelids and all my friends say it has taken years off me. Thank you

Rhinoplasty – Mr M was self-conscious about his crooked nose
My nose has always been crooked and this has made me feel very self-conscious, believing
everybody was staring at my nose when talking to me. I happened to be chatting to a lady
at our local bowls club who told me that she had a nose job with Teresa and was delighted
with the results. I pondered calling Holborn Healthcare for a few months, being nervous
about having surgery, but I finally plucked up the courage. From my initial phone call to the
day of my surgery the entire staff was very helpful, pleasant, knowledgeable and
professional. I couldn’t have asked for any more than I got during this emotional
experience. I absolutely LOVE the results and can now hold my head up high

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