Modernise your customer experience

Build systems and workflows for the digital era

  • Holborne transforms and improves every touchpoint into digital along the customer journey with their leading business services growth solution. We are passionate about understanding and managing the customer journey. The customer journey could have started many years ago, maybe in their childhood, that nose that they never liked, the trauma experienced in childhood, the financial arrangement inherited from their grandparents.

  • Capture all customer interactions in one system with eReception/ Helpdesk. Be it a  query from social media, telephone, text or web. Give a worldclass response in a timely manner with the right information at your fingertips and quality care.

  • Appointment – diary management 

    Freedom to book, change, confirm appointments from anywhere, anytime from any digital device.

    Customer can give their feedback at anytime. React and learn from customer feedback to achieve 5 star CSAT ratings.

  • Customer virtual interaction solutions

    Customer can schedule a pre- consult, appointment, follow up at anytime, anywhere, They can receive pricing information, their personal history, exchange photos, notes, conduct online registration, receive text messages and much more  to their digital device of choice.

  • Digital customer aftercare

    Pay, update history, complete documents, prescriptions, blood test results, contracts, schedule follow up appointments from your digital device of choice. 

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