Back office and finance

Helping you to work smartly and profitably and save costs

Digital intelligent bookkeeping and accounts service 

Virtual worker recruitment services – Strengthen your team with insourced virtual workers. We can provide virtual workers, eliminating worries about staff shortages or bringing in expensive temps that maybe don’t understand your business.  We specialise in bookkeeping & accounts, web & social media, eReception and help desk support staff.

Forensic accounting, find the missing cash – confidential service 

Backlog admin catch-up service – because we understand

Expense audit – Cut costs, eliminate waste and reduce business risk 

Succession planning –Maximise your business sales value

Practice growth solutions Get rid of stagnant business lines,maximise your ROI by working your capital equipment such as laser machines

Smart practice space solutions – Maximise utilisation and productivity and turn a cost into revenue each month!

Helping you with partnering and raising finance 

Connected financial management

Expense audit  – You may well understand  very well how your business generates cash and how it is spent. And you are aware of areas where the cash is going down the drain but you don’t have the time to address each and every contract, supplier, business area or other expenses and you are worried. Managing your cash flow is going to be critical but you know that already. We can help you to stop staring at your bank account everyday and plan and budget for your cash flow in a way that you have certainty in your business model. We will help you to derisk your business. Being a plastic surgeon, implantologist, dentist, etc whilst it is great to receive big amounts of cash from one patient but even more important to the survival of the business is the repeat business, the small transactions, and building that diversified cash flow model is what we can help you with so that you can sleep at night and not worry.

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