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and run best in class business service operations

We are a niche independent business services group that can help you to deliver on the demands of your future customers and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

We help your business to thrive amid today’s challenges and tomorrow’s ever-changing needs.

post covid-19


You are wondering where your future customers are going to come from, how will they contact you and will existing customers come back and how they will feel about receiving services post COVID-19?

You are well respected by your community and customers and maintain impeccable professional standards but you are worried about how you are going to move your business services to a new digital way of working post COVID-19 that has arrived like a bullet train.

Working together using your in-depth knowledge, impeccable professional standards and our business intelligence, independent thinking and, vision; we can develop a lean, efficient and sustained infrastructure, technology  and business services model befitting the best digital  practice in town. And we can then help you to run best in class front and back office operations. This will enable you to spend quality consulting time with customers and generate new digital income.

We use our simple health check approach

Your journey of success starts  with an all in one health check that will focus on the front & back office ,finance and technology that underpin your services.

Attract more customers/patients and retain for life

Home based monitoring

Improve clinical outcome

Virtual care

Improve care coordination & quality of care


Digitise and stay one step ahead,if you don’t they will

New digital income

Add New high margin income generating products & services

Scale up your business

Add new partners & business services

Increase customers & loyalty

With new business referral, loyalty and community partner schemes

Grow your online presence and reputation

Today over 70% of customers search for practitioners online. Are you attracting that business to your digital door?

Realise the potential of digital marketing with a five star online reputation. Actively manage, listen to who is saying what and where about you out there, negative and positive.

  • Grow your online reviews and appear in the top 3 google search results.

Stand out with a high performing website with SEO carried out by industry specialists. 

View site statistics from all search engines in one place and get an understanding of who’s visiting your website.

Develop a winning strategy for social media marketing – Facebook, Youtube , Instagram, Google, Twitter and more.

Create traction with winning marketing campaigns. Produce quality content marketing including blogs, podcasts, webinars, push marketing and informative eNewsletters with special offers and promotions.

Build your reputation by listening to your customers. Ask them for feedback at the right time. Understand and manage positive and negative experiences.

Modernise your customer experience

  • Holborne transforms and improves every touchpoint into digital along the customer journey with their leading business services growth solution. We are passionate about understanding and managing the customer journey. The customer journey could have started many years ago, maybe in their childhood, that nose that they never liked, the trauma experienced in childhood, the financial arrangement inherited from their grandparents.

The digital practitioner and the team

  • Remote work and virtual consultations 

    Equip your practitioners and staff to work virtually from anywhere professionally minimising security and data protection risks and start generating digital income.  It will be one of the most important decisions that you will make to grow your business. 

Back office and finance

Digital intelligent bookkeeping and accounts service 

Virtual worker recruitment services – Strengthen your team with insourced virtual workers. We can provide virtual workers, eliminating worries about staff shortages or bringing in expensive temps that maybe don’t understand your business.  We specialise in bookkeeping & accounts, web & social media, eReception and help desk support staff.

Forensic accounting, find the missing cash – confidential service 

Backlog admin catch-up service – because we understand

Expense audit – Cut costs, eliminate waste and reduce business risk 

Succession planning –Maximise your business sales value

Practice growth solutions Get rid of stagnant business lines,maximise your ROI by working your capital equipment such as laser machines

Smart practice space solutions – Maximise utilisation and productivity and turn a cost into revenue each month!

Helping you with partnering and raising finance 

Business services technology

Online eReception / Helpdesk  

Respond to queries professionally and on-time Increase leads to bookings. Route calls and add/change appointments via whatsapp, text or email inside or outside business hours. 

Bring together inbound queries into one system and enable timely outbound communication.


Appointment Booking

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